Safes and Vaults Opening and Repair

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There's no scientific approach as to why a safe breaks down and no longer works, bottom line is wear and tear and not having it serviced routinely.  When a breakdown occurs,  it’s important to have a experienced professional with years of training and expertise to open and  repair your safe back to working condition. With over 20 years within the safe and vault field, Safe Tech of Dayton specializes in safe and vault opening, repair and maintenance.

Our experience comes from working with safe manufactures such as Liberty, Winchester, Brown, Amsec, Mosler, Diebold, Inkas, Browning, Fort Knox, Cannon, Armor, and many others over a long time span as well as training that dwarfs the competition. 


Had an employee change recently, or just want to change the combination to your safe. Safe Tech of Dayton changes combinations on most any safe out there. From antiques as early as 1830 to presently manufactured safes in home, business, or government. Having a qualified safe technician change the combination to your safe guarantees you have someone on the job who's knowledgeable about safe locks and how they function.  


There's no substitute for experience, it comes with years of hard work and the pursuit of knowledge. Safe Tech of Dayton offers both and our customers keep coming back because of the pride that we show in our work. 

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Unsure about your safe, or just have a general question. We love hearing from our customers and soon to be clients. Contact Safe Tech of Dayton and we'll try our best to solve your problem.

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